10 Year Business Term Loan at 6.25%


Loan Amount: $250,000
Monthly Payment: $2,807.00


The proceeds of the loan could pay off any short term business debt your business is currently burden with. That will drastically reduce the monthly payments to a very small fraction of what you are paying now. Any additional funds could go towards working capital to help you expand your business by hiring new employees along with marketing and advertising which will increase your sales & revenue, and by no longer being smothered with high interest, short term debt your business could finally start to make waves in your industry as you build a strong, healthy company that will secure your family’s future and the future of your valued employees as well.


Requirements for a Business Term Loan:


• In business a minimum of 2 years

• Your business needs to be inc, llc, sole prop  

• No bankruptcy’s in the past 3yrs

• Owner needs a 580 FICO score

• Yearly revenue of $350K