12 to 36 Month Business ACH Loans for fast business capital that you needed yesterday.

Loan Amount: $250,000
Weekly Payment: $2,131.42

This is recommended for those who do not yet qualify for a Term or Consolidation Loan and/or
need working capital right away. After you build a clean payment history with us for 6 months
we are then able to streamline your loan to a longer term and at the same time extend you more
capital if needed as well. We are not looking to just fund your business one time, we want a 20 to
30 year relationship with you and your company.

Requirements for a Business ACH Loan:
• In business a minimum of 2 years
• Your business needs to be inc,llc, sole prop
• No bankruptcy’s in the past year
• Owner needs a 500 FICO score
• Yearly revenue of $250K