12 to 36 Months Business ACH Loans

Here you will find all of the information that you need to know on our Long Term Business ACH Loans. Any other questions that you might have or if you want to get started with an application feel free to call one of our knowledgeable account managers anytime.

12 to 36 Month Business ACH Loans for fast business capital that you needed yesterday.

Loan Amount: $250,000 Weekly Payment: $2,131.42

This is recommended for those who do not yet qualify for a Term or Consolidation Loan and/or need working capital right away. After you build a clean payment history with us for 6 months we are then able to streamline your loan to a longer term and at the same time extend you more capital if needed as well. We are not looking to just fund your business one time, we want a 20 to 30 year relationship with you and your company.

Requirements for a Business ACH Loan:

• In business a minimum of 2 years • Your business needs to be inc,llc, sole prop • No bankruptcy’s in the past year • Owner needs a 500 FICO score • Yearly revenue of $250K